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Hey, have you read...

During my ‘me’ time I enjoy reading. I read all kinds of genres of books, from books like Girl Wash Your Face to Outlander, but do you want to know one of my favorites?

Excerpt from The Universe Has Your Back

Excerpt from The Universe Has Your Back

One of my favorite books is by Gabrielle Berstein called The Universe has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith.  Here are the top 3 reasons I think you should read it:

1. It opens your eyes to why some events in your life seem to continually play out. And then it tells you ways to break that cycle.

2. Each chapter gives you universal lessons and

3. Gabby gives you meditations and exercises to do to help you make progress

What we think about we bring about and this book teaches us how to bring the good vibes back into our lives. Each day at the office we share a quote about the book to get us in the right mindset. It is a great book to start off the new year and new decade! We have some available to rent in the office or you can find it on amazon or local stores.

Now that I have finished writing this blog I feel like it is time for me to read the book all over again! What is your favorite book?







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