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How a Chiropractor Stays Healthy on Vacation

Carolyn blog imageIf you have not heard I’m in Florida on vacation having a wonderful time! But I wanted to share with you some ways that I make sure to stay healthy while I am away from the office!

1. Drink plenty of water! I notice that while traveling I tend to get dehydrated, so I like to make sure that I bring a water bottle to fill during my trip! We need to be drinking at least half our body weight in ounces each day and even more if we drink caffeinated beverages.

2. Get Active I’m sure you are thinking with all that walking in the parks do you really need to do anything extra? Yes, you do! Walking around does in fact get you steps but walking is something that we do normally every day. We need to add in activity to strengthen our muscles or get our heart pumping more. I tend to look for hotels that have a gym and if not I bring my own gym bands and sliders.

3. Bring my supplements/pack my own snacks I make sure that if I am not eating 100% clean on my vacation than I will make sure to have my vitamin D, ambrotose, and omega 3 handy.  Having poor food choices will decrease my bodies immune system, I make sure to combat with having supplements that will support my immune system and internal environment. I also tend to pack my own healthy snacks. This will help me curb any temptations that I may have. It also helps with wallet at the airport!

4. Journal/Meditate I also take time to sit in silence to enjoy my surroundings as well as to center myself. I find that writing down what I am grateful for each day on vacation helps me to be more present and I can look back at it when I am home.

5. Schedule my chiropractic appointment for when I come home! I think most importantly to stay healthy is to make sure that I have an appointment to get checked once I come home from vacation. After all the rides(and most likely whiplash), I know that I will need an adjustment to help my body deal with the stress of traveling.

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