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Is Getting Sick Normal?

More recently in science there has been research in the field of epigenetics. Epigenetic’s is the study of how lifestyle factors like stress and diet can impact the way our inherited genetic make up(DNA) plays out without altering the genetic material itself.  I like to think of it in the world of plants. A seed will not grow if the soil does not have the proper nutrition or pH. The same goes for ‘germs’ , they will not multiply and make you sick if your body does not have the perfect conditions.

You should also think of sickness as an expression of health. How terrible would it be if your body’s defense mechanisms didn’t work? You get a cough because there is something in your lungs that your body wants to expel. Your nose runs because your body is trying to get something out of your nasal passages. All of theses symptoms are showing that your immune system is working! I discussed more how your immune system works in a video you can find here.

I understand that feeling symptoms of sickness can be a burden but try to change your thoughts into my body is healing. Take fevers for example a lot of times when that is happening society is quick to use patented chemicals to artificially reduce it. When your body reaches 102° proteins called interferons are produced and they help prevent virus’ and cancer cells from reproducing. At 103° nutrition to the spleen is cut off which in turn starves bad bacteria that may be multiplying, like how cool is that?

So is getting sick normal? Yes it is. Can you support your body so you get sick less often? Yup you can do that too, remember if your body is inhospitable to bacteria or virus’ they can’t grow. So keep yourself healthy. Tune in next week for foods that will fight colds and support your immune system!


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