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Recover from Your Holiday Hangover

20191227_104039The holiday season can leave you feeling tired, bloated, and run down, at least it can for me! So what is the best way to recover from the holidays?

The first thing to look at doing is either a Whole30 reset or if you’ve never done the Whole30 program to implement that. This program helps your body detox the sugar and junk that you put in during the holidays and helps you body become more sensitive to insulin. It does eliminate a chunk of food groups but all of those food groups impact health in a negative way. I suggest reading ‘It Starts With Food’ to get an understanding of what is happening in the body when certain foods are eaten. If you have any questions please ask at your next visit!

The next thing is to get back into the routine of exercising. I know, I know blah! However exercising also will help your body to detox from the holidays. As well as boosting your immune system. You should try to exercise before 2pm each day; this will allow for your body to have a better stress response and it won’t keep you up at night! Another great thing about exercising is that it helps your body decrease its resistance to insulin(which makes us carry excess weight). You can start slow and you don’t have to over exhaust yourself. Start with some yoga or go walking to get back into the swing of exercising.

Lastly, make sure you are getting back to your normal sleep schedule. Usually during the holidays we are staying up longer, you know trying to catch santa, which throws off our circadian sleep cycle. Start by going to bed 20 minutes earlier than you usually would. Studies show that for every hour of sleep before midnight it the QUALITY of sleep 2 fold! It is better to go to bed early and wake up earlier than to go to bed later and sleep later into the day.

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