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Start Off this New Year with an Energy Boost

If you have ever been in our office I am sure you see all the kids that come through. Do you ever wish you could bottle up their energy to use it for later? I hear that all of the time! Since we can’t really accomplish that I have some other tips to boost your energy throughout the day.

Have you ever sat all day at work or on your day off and just felt so tired by the end of it? Movement stimulates and energizes the brain. It literally recharges your brain! So if you want to boost your energy you need to get up and move around! Even if it is 10 minutes of walking around your office or desk.

Another great thing to increase your energy is to drink more water! We really need to be drinking half our body weight in oz; so if you weighed 100lbs you should be drinking 50oz of water each day! And even more if you drink coffee or soda. For every 8oz cup of coffee or soda you should be drinking 32oz of water to help neutralize the acidity of the drink.  It has also been found that drinking green tea will help boost energy.

Make sure you are taking deep breaths throughout the day as well. Most people that sit at a desk are taking shorter breaths that then depletes our body of energy. You can breath in for a count of 8 through your nose and then exhale through your mouth for a count of 4.

Lastly streamline your to do list. I am a list maker, it drives others crazy because I seriously have too manylady filling out paperwork lists. A great way to streamline your to do list is to make one for the day, cross of what you get done and then what doesn’t get done will go on to the next day’s task list. If those tasks don’t get done the following day then take it of for that week because you most likely won’t perform that task during the week.

Good luck starting your year with an energy boost! Comment on the blog what tip you plan to implement today!

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